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About us

Calan Technology Co., Ltd.

It’s a high-tech enterprise specializing in inverter welding and cutting equipment R&D, production and sales of welding machines and cutting plasma machines. Our company's production capacity and technical level are in an advanced position in the industry, making due contributions for the manufacturing industry for many years.

Our company's products cover most types of welding machines, including manual arc welding machine, argon arc welding machines, CO2 gas shielded welding machines, plasma cutting machines, coating power supplies, etc., with strong adaptability, rich functions and simple use.

By virtue of function, quality, price, service these significant advantages, our company welder products, favored by customers at home and abroad, and nearly one million devices are used in large and small real estate, railways, bridges, enterprises, and individual households across the country, which demonstrates the superior stability and good reputation of our products.

We firmly believe that your choice is our development direction, your satisfaction is our goal. We will do our best to improve our products and repay the trust and support of our customers with the best quality products.


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